Hamilton basketball court turned into breakfast table during good-hearted event

Hamilton basketball court turned into breakfast table during good-hearted event

One by one, 305 boxes of cereal fell in a domino effect.

That was the idea, for each cereal box to fall in order all around the blacktop and basketball court located at the Hamilton Primary School.

The process of these boxes falling in a fine-tuned manner was titled Hamilton’s first  “Cereal Box Domino Challenge".

To the delight of the student body and staff on a beautiful morning of Friday, May 12,, Principal Tim Beaumont triggered the fall process and the boxes fell in a line that ended with the 305th and final one to drop safely on the blacktop.

 From there, the boxes were scooped up and the tasty variety of cereal bands--including Froot Loops, Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios-- will be headed to the very worthy breakfast table that is known as Feeding Hands.

Feeding Hands is a charity that provides food and other resources to individuals and families in need in Somerset County. The distribution center and pantry for Feeding Hands is located in Bridgewater.

It is at that location in Bridgewater where Erin Kurdyla, a Physical Education Teacher at Hamilton, will  deliver the 305 boxes of cereal.

Ms. Kurdyla spearheaded this kind and generous event with fellow Hamilton Physical Education Teachers Bill Thomas and Steve Cronin. 

Katie Ferges, who is a 4th Grade Teacher at Hamilton, and Stacie Griswold, Hamilton’s Elementary Teaching Specialist, pitched in to assist in this charitable production.

The two weeks of collection of the cereal produced a larger total than Ms. Kurdyla had expected.

“I did not think we would get that much. But everybody came through,” Ms. Kurdyla declared.

Principal Beaumont was proud of his staff as well as the entire Hamilton community.

“We are very grateful for our PE team for putting this together,” Principal Beaumont said. “We are so happy for the support that we received and happy to support the food bank and have fun, too.”

Who came up with this brilliant idea to hold this good-hearted and gracious fundraiser?

“The entire PE (Physical Education) department,” Ms. Kurdyla answered.

Well, their kind hearts and novel idea will now help occupy some breakfast tables.