Hamilton director and students produced a sound 4th Grade Chorus Concert

Hamilton director and students produced a sound 4th Grade Chorus Concert

Dedicated students will follow a dedicated leader.

That leader is Rina Sklar, who is the Choir Director at the Hamilton Primary School.

Her dedicated students comprise the 4th Grade Chorus at Hamilton.

They teamed up to present a fabulous performance when the 2024 Chorus Concert was played on Wednesday, March 27.

That morning’s concert attracted a large audience of family and friends who jammed into Hamilton’s multi-purpose room.

Their robust program featured both a German Folk Song and a French Folk Song as well as Traditional Akan Folk Song from Ghana. 

The group’s modified drum ensemble one was also a hit among the crowd.

Ms. Sklar, who served as the conductor, was quite impressed by the performance of her student vocalists.

"The 4th graders did a spectacular job today. I held them to a very high standard all year long, and they met me every step of the way. They should be very proud of themselves,” Ms. Sklar claimed.

Hamilton Principal Tim Beaumont was also among the spectators who enjoyed the sharp presentation.

"We are immensely proud of our 4th Grade students for their outstanding performance at today's Chorus Concert,” Principal Beaumont said. “It was wonderful to see the students perform a wide range of musical styles, all showcasing their talent and hard work.”

Principal Beaumont touched on how valuable Ms. Sklar is to the program.

“We feel very fortunate to have a music teacher of the caliber of Ms. Sklar, whose skills and dedication were also on full display during the concert,” Principal Beaumont said. “We are grateful to be part of a District that places such high value on music education!" 

Here is the Hamilton Primary School's Chorus 204 Concert program.


Hamilton Fourth Grade Chorus 2024 Concert