Hamilton student's poster is No. 1 in Somerset County contest

Hamilton student's poster is No. 1 in Somerset County contest

Vicky Sun is a 4th Grade student at the Hamilton Primary School who shared her love of Somerset County by using her skills as an artist and a writer.


Then she used her skills to bring pizza to the classroom that was delivered to the school and then she served her appreciative–and hungry–classmates in Kathy Zapoticky’s AI Art Class.


Vicky’s poster that she titled  “Somerset County”  was an illustration of written content as well as drawing that she crafted on her own time outside of school and submitted to the 2023 Somerset County Constitutional Officers Poster Contest.


And according to Tina Jalloh, Esq, who is the Surrogate Judge for Somerset County, her submission was “No. 1.”


Her skillful perception of Somerset County, or as she introduced in her content on the poster, “My Beloved County,” not only captured the history and landmarks of Somerset County ,but it also captured the attention of the judges, who included Judge Jalloh as well as Somerset County Sheriff Darren Russo and Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter.


Vicky’s well described portrait of Somerset County was No. 1 out of an estimated 100 submissions, according to Judge Jalloh.


All three high ranking officials from Somerset County paid a visit to Hamilton Primary School on Wednesday, May 23, to honor Vicky and enjoy some delicious pizza from the highly popular DeLucia’s Brick Oven Pizza in Raritan.


The pizza party this afternoon was provided by the artistic and writing efforts of Vicky.


'This was an optional activity and she did this on her own,’ said Vicky’s teacher Kathy Zapoticky. “She used her language arts ability. She is amazing.”


The three guests from Somerset County briefly gave an explanation of their roles in their positions before they and Vicky and some classmates served the pizza and drinks.


“She was very detailed in how she  incorporated Somerset County,’ Sheriff Russo revealed and agreed upon by County Clerk Peter.


That detailed poster featured a poem, images of the county’s history, a heart that promoted diversity and inclusivity, drawings of the county courthouse, the county seal and the famed John Basilone statue in Raritan as well as the logo of the Somerset Patriots baseball team.


The winning artist explained her prized work.


“I love to write and I love art,” Vicky said. “And I love this county.”


“Her poster stood out,’ Judge Jalloh added.


When it was time to eat pizza, Vicky’s fan club—her classmates–gave her a loud applause and a thank you to their artist—--and waitress.