Hamilton students show their support with love letters to our military service members

Hamilton students show their support with love letters to our military service members

The students at the Hamilton Primary School share their support—and love–to our military personnel who are serving around the world.

They show their affection to our soldiers by writing letters with such labels that include hearts and the United States flag.

This kind task was performed at the conclusion of the lunch periods at Hamilton on Friday, January 20.

The project, which is titled Valentines for Vets, is associated with the Operation Shoe Box, which according to its website, is explained here:

Founded in February, 2005, Operation Shoebox NJ is an all-volunteer grassroots organization dedicated to collecting donated supplies and shipping care packages to U.S. troops based in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Middle East countries. We are committed to sending packages overseas as long as there is a need. Several times each year, volunteers gather to sort donated supplies and pack them in boxes that are shipped overseas. We rely on your compassion and patriotism to maintain our supply line, and applaud your continuing support and generosity; we thank those individuals, families, civic groups, small businesses and corporations that continue to ensure the success of our packing events. This web site helps you to support our mission by providing up to date information on items needed and events where your help is needed as well as our calendar showing all Shoebox activities. It also provides links to our supporter's sites, as well as information on how to contact us or register for an event.

Operation Shoebox NJ has shipped more than 168,000 total packages to U.S. military personnel at 800 bases in 70 countries, including those serving in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and other posts in the Middle East.

This cherished event has been ongoing at Hamilton for over 10 years, thanks to the hard-working efforts of the school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

The spearhead of this year’s event is PTO President Eileen Welsh. She was accompanied by her fellow Hamilton PTO members who were happy to help and assist the students while they created their love letters.

“Valentine’s for Vets is a great opportunity for the students at Hamilton School to show honor and gratitude to our service members,” Mrs. Welsh explained. “It serves to reinforce my faith in the future of both our community and our country.”

Once the students have finished with their imagination and the letters are ready to be mailed to our service men and women, Mrs. Welsh will bring the bulk drop to a local Operation Shoe Box, which has a headquarters in Hillsborough.

She estimated that she will be dropping off “about 500 letters.”

Each year the school will eventually receive a response from the station of where these letters found their way.

“They send a thank you,” Mrs. Welsh said.

Principal Tim Beaumont is proud of his students and their excitement to share their feelings.

“Our students really enjoy showing their support of our brave men and women who serve our country,” Principal Beaumont said.