Hats off to the Hamilton students and staff during Red Ribbon Week

Hats off to the Hamilton students and staff during Red Ribbon Week

Hamilton Primary School students and staff tipped their hat during Red Ribbon Week.

According to Principal Tim Beaumont ,’’Every October, Hamilton joins out District schools in recognizing Red Ribbon Week. Our school-wide theme this year is "Making Good and Healthy Choices: Character Counts in Everything You Do!"

Principal Beaumont went on to explain the daily schedule of Red Ribbon Week, which runs from Monday, October 23 through Friday, October 27.

“ Each day we focus on a different aspect of this theme. Today (Tuesday, October 24), ‘’We said, "Hats off to making healthy choices!" Students and staff wore their favorite hat to school as a visual reminder to make healthy choices each and every day. Thank you to our School Counselor, Mrs. (Debra) Ianniciello, for organizing Red Ribbon Week for our Hamilton Tigers.’’

Here is the complete schedule:

Monday, October 23: Rally in Red. Wear red to kick off Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday, October 24:  Hats off to making good and healthy choices. Wear your favorite hat.

Wednesday, October 25: Being kind is Jean-ius. Wear jeans.

Thursday, October 26: Good Character Matters. Wear your favorite character short or team jersey.

Friday, October 27: School Spirit Day/Say Boo to Poor choices. Wear Hamilton apparel or school colors (red, white and black).