Older buddies share reading with younger buddies at Hamilton Primary School

The older students got their opportunity to read to their younger schoolmates when Hamilton Primary School held its monthly Buddy Classes on Friday, October 7.

On the first Friday of each month, the younger students in their classes are paired up with the older students to share a reading experience.

According to Principal Tim Beaumont, "the Buddy Classes help build bonds between students across our grade levels to that everyone  feels a part of the school-wide community."

Ms. Alison Jandak, the Hamilton Elementary Teaching Specialist, explained.

"It was wonderful to watch different age groups interacting with each other in engaging and positive ways"

Hamilton School Counselor Debbie Ianniciello had this to say.

"Hamilton's Buddy Classes initiative if off to a great start, and its another way to make connections with other students and strengthen our school climate. Our Hamilton Tigers loved sharing the moment together."