STEAM Expo returned with brilliant exhibits before appreciative visitors at Hamilton

STEAM Expo returned with brilliant exhibits before appreciative visitors at Hamilton


Exhibits that presented all types of  problem solving inventions dominated the multi-purpose room at the Hamilton Primary School.

An estimated 95 students in Grades 3 and 4 at Hamilton proudly showed off their works and findings before their family friends when the school’s STEAM Expo was presented on Wednesday, April 26.

The evening signaled the first in-person STEAM Expo in years.

And it was well worth the wait for the appreciative guests who marveled at the exhibits.

Stacie Griswold, Hamilton’s Elementary Teaching Specialist and Science Coordinator, was the positive and energetic force behind this highly popular event.

“Students were tasked with conducting an investigation to address a problem that they had identified. They then had to present their inventions and findings to parents, staff and other students,” Ms. Griswold explained.

Hamilton Principal Tim Beaumont welcomed the opportunity that his school was able to open up its doors to showcase the Expo.

“We were delighted to bring the in-person STEAM Expo back to Hamilton,” Principal Beaumont said. “Our 3rd and 4th graders wowed us with their creativity and innovation. Thank you to everyone involved in coordinating this wonderful tradition.” 

Another delighted visitor who took in the exhibits was Sarah Wolf, who is the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District k-5 Supervisor of Sciences and Social Studies.

“It was wonderful to see students showcasing their scientific thinking and learning,” Ms. Wolf claimed. “Students were excited to share their projects, displays, and demonstrations.  

Ms. Griswold summed up what resulted in a fantastic voyage for everyone who participated.

 “The STEAM Expo was a huge success. Students were beyond excited to participate and show off their exhibits,” Ms. Griswold said. “It was a fun night being able to walk around and view the student’s hard work that they completed either independently or in small groups. 

She finished when she said that she is already anxious for the 2024 exhibit.

“I am extremely proud of our 3rd and 4th grade students for their participation and can’t wait  to see what happens next year!”